Petr Hacmac A Cool Guy with a Rocker Soul

PETR HACMAC is a product manager at MyQ, but with his long hair he clearly keeps to his rocker origins. And because most rockers are cool, he also looks at career advances or transfers; what matters to him is the satisfaction of the meaningful work he does and the satisfaction of his clients. "I don't have to be seen and show off," he says convincingly. He prefers to enjoy the international environment in MyQ as well as informal relationships with his colleagues. This demonstrates the team spirit of MyQ well.

How did you get to your current profession?

I joined Janus (now Kyocera Document Solution Czech) in 2001 as a service technician because I had been friends with Petr Januš, a cousin of Martin Januš, since school. So, it was through personal ties at a time when I didn't know what to do after the war. After a few years, I switched to Kyocera's product manager and gradually got to the software.

What motivated the transition?

We first wanted to get some software for our business partners in the market, but we failed. Either it was very expensive, or the functionality did not suit us, so Martin Januš decided that we would try to do it ourselves. There is Radek Tetik, who is a programmer, Kuba Ahmadyar, who started to make hardware terminals, and I thought of the first version of MyQ in 2007. Then I started to get rid of Kyocera and did more of MyQ, although it is obviously still very much intertwined.

What did you study?

I did electro faculty and science, but I did not graduate from any school. I stayed at both schools for three years, so I got the classic six years of college studies.

Is it a great adventure to participate in the development of something new, progressive?

I wouldn't call it an adventure, I rather enjoy it. It satisfies me that, with a bunch of people, we transform the idea into a product that works, is meaningful and people like it. It must make sense at work, that's the main motivation.

Do you have ambition to move on and participate in the development of something new?

Not at the moment. My ambition is to move our current product to a state of perfection where it will be number one on the market. To say that what we have is good enough, I don't buy it. And the state of absolute perfection is far away because there is always something to improve, and the hardware is also evolving, which we must always be able to react to.

Anyone who enters the MyQ office for the first time is immediately impressed by a relaxed, friendly, and informal atmosphere. Is it very important to you?

From my point of view, it is excellent that we are an international company. Half of the people here are not Czech. Sometimes it is problematic, of course, they have different cultural habits, on the other hand it brings fresh air to the company. Going with these people for a beer, chatting with them about life on the other half of the globe, learning what led them to fly away to work thousands of miles away from home is very interesting. I am glad that going to get weekly beer is organized, but also completely spontaneous, people like to spend time together here and outside the office.

How do you spend your free time if you are not having a beer with colleagues?

I have a small child and I spend most of my time with my family. I stopped doing sports years ago because there was no time. For the same reasons, I stopped making music, playing virtually everything, big beat, jazz, metal. I would like to return to sport and music, but I currently don’t have time.

Footballers and other athletes like to change from smaller clubs to those with more resonant names. MyQ is a smaller company, do you have the ambition to go to a bigger company with a bigger name?

Not at all. I don't have to be seen and I don't need to show off my CV entries. I want to do a job that makes sense and satisfies me. And I have that at MyQ.

Petr Hacmac

Petr Hacmac




Petr is the man who oversees the product, which is probably the most stressful job in MyQ, so he likes to relax with his guitar.

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