Czech Administration
Has Less to Worry About

€24 mil. in savings


The Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA) is an organization with over 9000 employees. They were struggling to effectively manage their 8000-device print environment consisting of various devices with different native user interface (UI) software and no security measures in place.


CSSA decided to take systematic and sustainable action. MyQ Solution was implemented into the reworked printing environment and their devices were drastically reduced from 8,000 to 4,700. CSSA can now seamlessly manage their printer fleet and look forward to saving a total of €24 million in the upcoming 8 years.


Because CSSA administers sensitive personal data, document security is essential. This is taken care of by the Pull Printing function obligating employees to log into the device of their choice before they receive their print jobs. MyQ Solution’s sophisticated monitoring system, MyQ Service Module, now provided a clear overview of operating costs per location and cost center. Thanks to MyQ’s unique automated device finder and remote installer, the entire installation process for 100 locations took less than 5 weeks.

Key points

  • €24 million in expected savings over 8 years
  • 4,700 instead of 8,000 devices in 100 locations
  • Increased document & data security
  • Advanced UI personalization and user comfort
  • Device monitoring resulting in cost reduction

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