Major Release of
MyQ X 8.2


Major Release of <br/>MyQ X 8.2

MyQ X 8.2 is an essential new product version which answers modern-day challenges of working out-of-office, as well as growing demand for touchless MFP operation and equal opportunity for people with disabilities.

MyQ customers can look forward to web application accessibility compliant to BITV 2.1 (WCAG 2.1 AA), unprecedented flexibility in accounting and managing costs, secure remote printing thanks to a connector to Universal Print by Microsoft, an all-new MyQ X Mobile Client for completely touchless printing and much more.


Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 

Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities (visual, auditory, motor, cognitive) from quality interaction with websites. MyQ started working on the Accessibility project in July 2020, working towards a BITV certification which confirms that MyQ web interfaces for users and admins are fully accessible and comply with WCAG 2.1 standards, level AA. 


Significantly Enhanced Accounting and Reporting Options with MyQ X 8.2 

Per-job accounting has been a crucial change in MyQ ever since version 8 was released with rewritten architecture. Information regarding each accounted job is stored with a higher level of detail (paper format, color, simplex/duplex) and is now replicated from Site servers to the Central server database, where they are also available for connecting with and visualizing in various BI tools, such as Microsoft Power BI. 


New Accounting Mode  

In the existing Accounting Group mode, each user can be a member of a user group and any job they perform on the MFP is automatically accounted to their group. On top of that, users can select from 3 charging options (v8 terminals): 

  • MyQ credit 
  • External credit account 
  • Quota

The Cost Centers mode, on the other hand, allows the user to choose under which account to release their job. This mode can also track up to 5 different accounting options, which the user can also select from before submitting their job at the MFP:  

  • MyQ credit account​ 
  • External credit account​
  • Personal quota​
  • Cost center with quota​
  • Cost center without quota 

Customer segments that will benefit from the new Cost Centers mode most are Education, Legal, Healthcare, but general public institutions as well. There are several practical advantages that these customers get with MyQ, e.g. the chance to have different quota accounts for different campuses under the same university, and allow the user to choose between using quota or credit as they wish. 


Connector to Universal Print by Microsoft

One of the most prominent upgrades MyQ and Microsoft customers will notice with MyQ X 8.2 is a new connector to Universal Print by Microsoft. Universal Print is a Microsoft 365 subscription-based cloud print service which runs entirely on Microsoft Azure, is fully integrated with Azure Active Directory and supports single sign-on scenarios.​ 

With Universal Print, customers can print from anywhere, as long as they are connected to the internet and authenticated by the Azure AD.​ It opens the way to leveraging cloud-based services without any complex print setups. 


New MyQ X 8.2 Mobile Client

Another significant piece of news is the release of a powerful, completely redesigned MyQ Mobile Application, which expands the capabilities of the older MyQ Mobile Printing App. The MyQ X Mobile Client makes it possible for the user to not only release or send their print jobs using their smartphone, but also enjoy these convenient features: 

  • Secure login via biometrics (face and fingerprint recognition) 
  • Quick document print 
  • Job lists and editable print options 
  • Project, credit and quota accounting 
  • Credit status overview & recharge options 
  • Completely touchless print  

The app does away with the need to touch the MFP, starting with QR code login all the way to signing off again. It comes in light and dark mode and is available for both Android (via Google Play) and iOS devices (via the App Store). It is compatible with MyQ X 8.2 server installations and higher. 



MyQ X 8.2 has also become the new LTS (version with long-term support) and has replaced version 7.1 in this function.

As a MyQ Partner, you can download the new MyQ X 8.2 version from the Partner Portal.

Find more details about 8.2's new features and game-changers, accompanied with practical use cases, in our Product Change Log:

READ MyQ X 8.2 Product Change Log


MyQ's connector Universal Print by Microsoft expands its capabilities as a cutting-edge cloud print service to accommodate devices of any age and boosts it with a vast array of MyQ X features.

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