MyQ X Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera


MyQ X Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera

MyQ X’s highly anticipated Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera devices has arrived, and it’s filled with improvements that make the MFP operation smoother & more secure, while also helping allocate printer costs more precisely. So, what’s new?

Enhanced Full screen display support for newer generation Kyocera models

With Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera, MyQ now provides improved full screen display support for the newer generation of Kyocera Multifunctional Printers with 10.1-inch displays. MyQ’s embedded display to screen ratio has been improved to provide the user with a sleeker look and feel. As a bonus a new “pop-up” menu bar has been added to allow the user to access native device functions (Counter, System Menu, Status etc.) directly from the MyQ embedded screen.

Access Kyocera's native functions in a pop-up menu

Support for Cost centers

MyQ’s new Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera also adds support for Cost Centers accounting previously introduced with MyQ X Central and Print Server 8.2. Cost Centers add additional flexibility for organizations and users when it comes to billing or recovering costs. With Cost Centers enabled the user can select a specific cost center account before processing jobs at the multifunctional printer, accounting and related costs will then be assigned to the selected cost center. Cost Centers can track up to 5 different accounting options which makes it super convenient for organizations in the Educational, Finance and Law verticals to recover print-related costs incurred against a student, department, law case etc. to name a few.

Simply select the fitting Cost Center on the printer panel

Improved Quota display

With a simple touch on the MyQ X embedded interface users can now get a more simplified yet detailed overview of their remaining Quota Balance, making it easier for users to manage their quotas.

Check your entire Quota Balance in one click

QR code as default login method

In combination with the MyQ X mobile client and QR code as default login method users can truly have a touchless experience when it comes to secure printing. Users can simply scan the QR code displayed on the MyQ embedded terminal and release their print jobs via the MyQ X mobile client without touching the physical device keypad or screen.

Set up a QR code as default login to the Kyocera MFP

Additional configuration profile fields

Additional fields have been added to the configuration profile for MyQ’s Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera. The additional fields allow for more OEM specific configurations which can be predefined before deploying the MyQ embedded terminal to Kyocera devices. The following configurable fields are available; Local admin PIN, Language selection, Display numeric keypad, ID card reader type, FeliCa Card Reader Parameters. 

Configure your device even more with additional fields

Display device serial number

Gone are the days of struggling to find device serial numbers needed to log service requests. With MyQ’s Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera, Administrators and users can now easily identify the serial number of the MFP via the MyQ embedded Administrator screen. Simply click on the MyQ (or alternatively company) logo and the device serial number will conveniently display on the bottom left of the Administrator login screen.

Find the Kyocera's device number directly on the panel

Easy Scan over Secure FTP or HTTPS

MyQ’s Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera adds increased protection against security vulnerabilities. Users’ scanned documents are now encrypted between MFP (Multifunctional Printer) and Server either by secure FTP or TLS over an HTTPS connection, dependent on the configuration by the administrator. Offering improved flexibility and security when it comes to securing data in your organization.

... and much more

It is worth mentioning that in our continued effort to always improve our product we have also added several performance and stability related optimizations. 


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