The Document Adventure begins!

MyQ Tabletop Game 2020  

Gather around a table and dive into MyQ’s first very own print, scan & copy board game! Players go through the adventures of the printing process, overcome setbacks on the way and eventually get their documents happily through. Curious what happens and how MyQ can help in your own printing journey? Take hold of your game piece and roll the die!  

Choose your character and check out the rules!



The goal of the game is to be the first player to get his/her task printed, in other words, to be the first one to enter the “FINISH” field. To make things more interesting, there are several “special fields” you can step on and that have either positive or negative effects.

At the beginning, each player chooses a game piece of a different colour. Of course, you can also choose to play with a piece of your own, like a thimble or something similarly small.  

First, all players roll the die. The player with the highest number begins the game, and others follow in the clockwise direction.  

The game begins! Every turn, the player rolls the die once (even if it’s a six) and moves forward by the same number of playing fields. If the player steps on a “special field”, he/she follows the instructions. 

There is one rule that is valid during the whole gameJob roaming. Job roaming gives users the ability to print jobs that had been saved on a different site server. And as with MyQ, you don’t have to be held up unnecessarily every time you land on a field where another player is already standing, you move one field in front of them. If this new field is a “special field”, follow the instructions as usual.  


Special fields: 

Field No. 2 – Pull Print: Printing is 3 times faster – move 3 fields forward. Pull printing with MyQ allows users to
pick up their documents at any printer that is free. Users’ jobs are stored on the MyQ Server and wait until their owner releases them securely by logging in, e.g. with their ID badge or the MyQ Mobile App.

Field No. 3 – OCR Scan: Your documents are perfectly digitized and searchable. Move to the field one in front of the nearest player ahead of you.

Field No. 4You are using MyQ Easy Copy on your personalized display: It is much faster than without MyQ – move 3 fields forward.

Field No. 6Your MyQ Licence is not valid: Go back to START.

Field No. 8MyQ Security: You have sent your documents to
a direct printing queue and somebody snatched
them accidentally before you got to the printer. You
need to go back to your PC and send it to a Pull Print
the queue for safe retrieval – skip one turn.

Field No. 9 – Smarter printing with MyQ
MyQ gives you a great overview of your printing consumption, which helps you protect the environment. You get a speed boost – use the shortcut to field no. 12.

Field No. 11  Device Spooling: Thanks to Device spooling, MyQ users can print and copy documents even if the print the server is offline. The job is sent directly to the printer and stored in its memory (encrypted) for as long as one week. No need to wait – move two fields forward! 
Field No. 14 – Forgotten Password: Go back four fields.   


Field No. 15 – UPGRADE!  You have received the best MyQ version – MyQ Ultimate! You can roll the die one more time.


Field No. 19 – Personalized Printer Display: Make MyQ yours, customize! Don’t like the color of your piece? Choose another player’s piece and swap. He/she will have to play with yours from now on.



Field No. 24 – MyQ Mobile App: You’ve installed
MyQ Mobile App and you printing is even faster – go forward to field no. 31.

Field No. 33 – Confidentiality Watermark: Sensitive information got leaked on paper and nobody knows whose account it was printed from. Take your time and design a security watermark to your liking – adjust the text and its position. Skip one turn.



Field No. 41 – Unregistered Access: You don't have rights to print at this printer – go back to field no. 29.

Field No. 45 – Tandem Queue: The print load is evenly distributed among all the printers connected to this queue. You are saving time – move one field forward.


Field No. 47  MyQ Easy Scan: MyQ offers handy scanning profiles, e.g. “Scan to...”, which perform the whole process at once. One click of this button digitizes your document and sends it to your favorite cloud drive. How fast! Step one field forward.

Field No. 50 – Cloud Printing: Have MyQ installed in Microsoft Azure and say goodbye to tedious server maintenance. Thanks to Universal Print by Microsoft, you can also send your prints to MyQ
from outside your company, without any VPN connection – sweet freedom! Move two fields forward.




Field No. 51 – Quota: Be environmentally friendly and print only when you need it! This month you still have 20 pages left – move one field forward.

Field No. 54  Credit:  You can always check your credit balance to see how much more you can print, scan or copy with MyQ, in monochrome or color. For now, you have used all your credit – skip one turn.

Field No. 57 – Cost Management and Reporting: 
Reduce operating costs, material waste, and stress. Get accurate print reports and take some time to go
through them – wait for two rounds. 


Field No. 64  Server Power Outage: When there is a power outage and your server crashes, MyQ’s Failover function re-directs your task to a back-up printer and you won’t even know about it –move one field forward.

Field No. 67 – Printing without MyQ: You don’t have MyQ installed, your documents were stolen from the printer, you have to start the printing process all over again – go back to START.




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