End-to-end Security

Rule out the risk of a security breach for any device you use.

People will feel more comfortable in your organization.

End-to-end Security

Security from MyQ means you can use any device on the network to release jobs, add watermarks for tracking confidential documents anywhere, and comply with the latest security policies and trends. MyQ’s comprehensive security has you covered before, during, and after you’ve used the device.

Pull Print

No more worries about losing confidential information.

Pull printing with MyQ allows users to completely control the release of their jobs with access after authentication by ID, PIN, username and password, or the MyQ mobile app. Users’ jobs are securely stored within the MyQ Server and wait until the owner releases them at the device of their choice. This is great for employees who take their time between pressing “ctrl-P” and arriving at the device of their choice to retrieve their documents, because they don't have to worry about them landing in another person's hands.

Available in MyQ X Enterprise and MyQ X Ultimate.

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Client Spooling

Connection restraints are not a problem.

For organizations with many branch offices, including remote locations where bandwidth may be an issue, client spooling may be a practical feature. In this instance, jobs are sent to an application on the users' PC instead of the server. With this approach, the amount of data transferred and bandwidth consumed is greatly reduced. Only job metadata is sent to the print server, which is then used for the user's authentication at any device in the company's MyQ network. After the job is printed from the user's PC or laptop, the printer sends accounting data to the MyQ server.

Available in MyQ X Enterprise and MyQ X Ultimate.

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Device Spooling

A safety net for when connection crashes.

Device spooling makes it possible to print and copy documents even if the print server is offline. The job sent to the queue is stored (encrypted) in the memory of the MFP, and can be shared by up to 10 devices for as long as one week. The user can come up to any of these printers, authenticate themselves and go ahead with the job, even if there is no connection between the printer and the server. Once this connection is restored, the MFP sends data about the jobs executed in the meantime to the server database.

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Using Watermarks

Make sure that your sensitive data doesn't land in the wrong hands.

Furnishing confidential documents with watermarks doesn’t just mean printing a light-grey “TOP SECRET” sign across the page. It can go a long way towards tracking the movement of sensitive data, if it gets misplaced. Watermarks can be designed to contain the printing person’s name and the printer's ID, placed in various positions on the page, and they allow for different sizes and transparency options.

Available in all MyQ X editions!

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Data Encryption

Comply with data protection laws and privacy policies.

MyQ’s software developments are centralized around customer needs, industry trends, but also privacy policies.

All data, whether it's user – server – printer communication or reading the status data from printers, is encrypted. And not only that, MyQ can encrypt your entire database containing sensitive data about your users and their scanning & print jobs.

With MyQ, any organization can rest easy when it comes to securing the privacy of user print data. MyQ's software is constantly adapted to meet security policies and regulations such as GDPR.

Available in all MyQ X editions!

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Explore the MyQ enviroment,
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