Enhancing Documentation Support: Introducing MyQ's New Comments Feature


Enhancing Documentation Support: Introducing MyQ's New Comments Feature

MyQ's new comments feature enables partners and customers to actively engage in discussions and provide feedback directly on documentation pages for an enhanced and collaborative experience.

Comprehensive documentation is essential for both partners and customers to navigate and utilize software solutions effectively. Recognizing this, MyQ is committed to providing top-tier support and continuously improving its services. As part of this commitment, MyQ is pleased to introduce a new addition to its online documentation portal - the comments feature. This feature empowers both partners and customers to offer feedback and engage in discussions directly on each documentation page, fostering a collaborative environment that elevates the overall user experience.

A One-Stop Portal for All Your Documentation Needs

The MyQ Online Documentation Portal serves as a one-stop destination for all documentation-related needs. Whether you require assistance with setting up your MyQ solution, accessing API documentation, or perusing end-user guides, this portal has you covered. With its user-friendly interface and extensive repository of resources, MyQ's documentation portal ensures that users can easily find the information they need to maximize the potential of their MyQ X experience.

Introducing the New Comments Feature

At MyQ, we believe that feedback is crucial for improvement. This belief fuels our commitment to providing exceptional support and maintaining open channels for discussion. With the introduction of the new comments feature, we have taken a significant step towards this goal.

Now, both partners and customers can seamlessly share their thoughts, questions, and suggestions directly on every documentation page. The process is straightforward, requiring only a name and email address, or users can opt to create an account for added convenience. Our Quality Assurance team, led by our Chief Customer Officer, Lukas Pristach, will oversee and moderate these discussions, ensuring a constructive and productive atmosphere.

Lukas Pristach stated, "We believe that feedback is crucial for improvement. Just like how our Quality Assurance team moderates community discussions on the partner portal, they will also be moderating these comments."

This feature empowers users to actively participate in shaping the MyQ experience, providing invaluable insights that drive continuous improvement in our services.

Enhancing the Documentation Portal

The new comments feature, combined with our previously introduced MyQ AI Assistant, transforms the documentation portal into an intuitive and interactive platform. The synergy between the MyQ AI assistant and the addition of the comments sections allows users and partners to actively engage in streamlined content consumption and feedback provision.

The MyQ Community Portal

MyQ's commitment to support extends beyond its documentation portal. The MyQ Community Portal serves as a dynamic resource hub for both partners and end users. Partners benefit from access to the latest MyQ release builds, training materials, software licensing support, and marketing collateral. Furthermore, this portal also provides support for users of our free print management solution, MyQ X Smart. With a vast knowledge base of support articles and an actively moderated community forum, the MyQ community portal ensures that users receive timely and expert assistance from MyQ.

Contact Us for All Your MyQ Needs

For those seeking assistance with other MyQ-related matters or sales support, our www.myq-solution.com webpage offers a simple and direct route. Click on the "Contact Us" button, complete the form, and we will respond promptly. At MyQ, we are dedicated to ensuring an open line of active communication and discussion with both our partners and customers.

Final Thoughts

MyQ continues to lead the way by enhancing its support and communication channels. The introduction of the new comments feature empowers users to actively contribute to the MyQ community, ultimately leading to improved services and experiences for all. Whether through the documentation portal, community portal, or direct contact, MyQ remains committed to fostering collaboration, transparency, and excellence. With MyQ, you never have to stand in a Q; we are here to support you every step of the way.



Author: Dirk van der Mescht
Product Marketing Manager



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