The Rise of Contactless Technology


The Rise of Contactless Technology

We've all been there – first we wait in a long supermarket queue and when it's finally our turn, we spend ages searching our wallet or pockets for the right coins to hand over to the cashier.

But a few years ago, the “magic beep” of contactless payment came to our rescue. And its popularity has been increasing ever since. For example, Czechia, which is not exactly known as a great technological innovator, is a world leader when it comes to contactless payment, preceded only by Australia.

NFC for "Near Field Communication"

The Czechs simply love “to beep” and they have many opportunities to do so, as all the payment terminals in Czechia have to be contactless. Touch-free technology is, however, not limited only to payment cards – quite far from that. It is no longer just a fantasy of sci-fi or technological geeks to use different gadgets for paying or authenticating themselves.

Thanks to the so-called NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, it is possible to use your smartphone or different wearables such as smart watches, bracelets or even jewelry for contactless transactions. And it doesn’t end there, because touch-free technology can also be set up with our bodies whether by gesture, voice or even facial recognition, which reduces the physical contact even more. 

Safety first 

In light of the current pandemic situation, another great aspect of touchless technology has resurfaced – not only are they faster and more comfortable, they are also much safer. Sadly, as the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t seem to be slowing down, touching fewer public surfaces as a way of protecting ourselves and others is still on the table. This can be easily observed by the rapidly increasing use of contactless technology since March this year. And companies are constantly searching for new ways of protecting their employees to win this exhausting battle. 




Limitless opportunities  

The use of contactless tech is not limited just to paying for a round of beer for your friends or for shoes in your favorite store, you can also withdraw money without inserting your card in the ATM or buy and print your ticket directly in public transportation. You don't need to use touchless methods only in your leisure time, they can also be handy at the office. There are some activities that are easier to avoid, like hugging or shaking hands with your dear colleagues, yet there are others that might seem a bit more challenging to do “touch-free” – such as printing. Imagine you want to print an important contract and you have to go to the copy room, touch the screen to log in and tap it a few more times to get your task printed... This doesn’t need to be the case anymore thanks to contactless printing. 

At MyQ we worked hard to offer you this option as well in a user-friendly way. You can choose from two contactless methods – using the ID card or our MyQ Mobile App. To set up ID card printing, ask your IT admin to go to the MyQ Web Admin Interface and in just a few easy steps enable the ID card printing. Then go to the printer, enjoy the “beep” and watch your documents being printed by just putting the card to the MFP terminal. Do you always have your smartphone with you? Then install the MyQ Mobile App, ask your admin to limit your login methods, log in to your account, scan the QR code on the printer and just tap on “Print” and pick up your documents. For more detailed information about MyQ's contactless printing, take a look at this page or get the instructions below to enjoy printing your documents – without a single touch! 


download user-friendly instructions


What used to be a rare benefit, is nowadays a near certainty in any company that doesn’t need round-the-clock staff, e.g. in production or distribution. Home office comes handy to everyone from time to time.

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Although the pandemic has brought people together in more than one way and united entire nations against a common enemy, the main precautionary measure is isolation, steering clear of public places, and avoiding any type of contact with objects that other hands may have touched. If you are one of the people still working in the office, a multifunction printer may be one of these objects.

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