Device Management

Admins can not only configure, but also control
the entire fleet from a single spot.

A dashboard with a friendly face that brings order into chaos.

Device Management

Control Your Fleet

Remove unnecessary administration of your printer fleet.

System administrators need an immediate and easy-to-understand view of what is happening in their MyQ environment, from the printer fleet status to user behavior and more. The MyQ Admin Dashboard allows them to set up and configure gadgets that show them exactly what they need to see.

We are obsessed with automating and simplifying complex processes. MyQ Alert Management notifies you automatically about related issues, such as device error, low levels of toner and paper, etc. MyQ does its best to keep your organization running 24/7.


Availability and Resiliency

Print and scan at all times.

The most important thing that any Managed Print Solution needs to provide is access to services. It simply must work all the time. At MyQ, we take this promise very seriously and have developed features which keep that promise. Device spooling, client spooling, and failover print are just a few features that allow you to have continuous access even if something unexpected happens, like a server crash or loss of internet connection.


Cost Management
and Reporting

Reduce operating costs, material waste, and stress.

Managing printing costs in your organization has never been easier. CFOs can have an immediate overview of expenses per cost center, and managers an idea of each team member's printing activities.

Quotas are a reliable feature for any manager, if they need to uphold printing policies regarding amounts of paper and color used. Users can be alerted when they are approaching their page or color limit, and more. Based on results from over 100 predefined reports, you can set many other rules and policies, which will help reduce your printing costs.

As shown by experience from previous SMB and large enterprise installations, MyQ Solution isn’t about restrictions – on the contrary, if used properly, efficiency goes up dramatically. It saves employers their money and employees their patience, often put to test by complicated MFP interfaces... And savings in time and frustration are even better than savings in dollars.


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