Document Processing

MyQ allows its customers to utilize powerful document workflows which dramatically increase their efficiency. Enjoy all benefits of advanced OCR functions like zonal OCR or full text OCR to make your work more comfortable and automated.

Increase the efficiency of your office. Digitize and automate workflows!

Document Processing

Advanced Document Workflows

MyQ Ultimate offers two types of scanning workflows, static and dynamic.

Static workflows can be predefined by admins with various options in advance and simply used by users with one click. Users can scan their documents and send them to predefined destinations in specific formats and can manually add extra information like invoice/contract number, date, etc.

Dynamic workflows enable users to communicate with company’s internal systems through the printer's control panel in real time. System dynamically asks for main details, displays options based on previous selections or internal system records. Communication is based on a Q/A principle. Many company processes like Business trip expenditures, Returns of hired cars, Mortgage loan applications any many other can be improved in combination with an existing ECM system.


Intelligent Zone Recognition

Don't waste your time on re-typing text which has already been written.

The OCR function automatically captures data from specific zones that the document is divided into. These zones can be pre-configured in a single interface, creating sample documents which then serve as templates for the reference of future processing jobs. This feature is very useful for accounting departments dealing with large volumes of data scanned from standardized forms, and brings value to front desks in hotels, transportation, or retail offices.


Air-tight Security for Scanned Documents

Secure your electronic documents with a password, digital signature, annotation, or redaction.

MyQ Ultimate can provide several levels of document security. If a document is scanned into PDF format, it can be encrypted and protected by a password to avoid access by unauthorized persons. A digital signature and time stamp can be used to prove document's content hasn’t tampered with, and the document can also be equipped with a visible annotation containing a note, mark or image identifying the document's origin and owner. Also sensitive information like personal data can be redacted during the scanning process using zone redaction.


Scan Barcodes and QR codes

Use the full power of your MFP and improve your digital office.

MyQ Ultimate Edition can extract information from 1D and 2D barcodes to use in metadata, and it can add barcodes into scanned documents for easier processing later on. You can specify advanced settings for each individual barcode, and also supply sample data which will then automatically appear as metadata in the ScannerVision Expression Editor (SEE).


Recognize Forms Automatically

Just scan and go, MyQ does the rest.

The Automatic Forms Recognition (AFR) feature automatically recognizes each document and processes it using the right workflow template. There is no need to use different buttons or create different categories AFR will do this automatically, making the process faster and easier. Forms are unlimited and the form creation process is entirely automatic.


Choose out of 25 Connectors

Users can use more than 25 different predefined connectors and store their files in various ECM systems or cloud destinations. Communication via supported connectors is always bi-directional, so users can look up existing records or folders, add information, and select options before final storage.

It goes without saying that MyQ lets you scan to popular Cloud services such as, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, GoogleDrive, Amazon Web Services S3 or Dropbox. 

Look up destination folders and store your documents in more than 25 different systems or cloud destinations.

Choose out of 25 Connectors

Improve document searchability

Make your document's data available in one click.

Documents can be converted to editable and searchable text with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function. They can be made available to a shared database, accessible to anyone on your team to find. This is helpful for users who need to find something among thousands of documents in their database right away. MyQ OCR makes this possible by digitally storing them to a DMS in a searchable format and accessing them in just one click.


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