Mobile Print

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will give you
and your visitors an amazing freedom of movement.

Mobile print, e-mail print, AirPrint, Mopria... Your guests' choice!

Mobile Print

MyQ Mobile App

Enhance productivity and flexibility with your favorite mobile device.

Mobile Print gives you the possibility to manage your print environment at the office or away

Mobile printing from MyQ is more than just printing from a smart device. MyQ lets you authenticate yourself and manage your jobs through your mobile phone or tablet with the MyQ application (iOS and Android), turning you into an actual mobile user. Transform your smart device into your workstation with truly mobile printing from MyQ.

A more convenient process with better freedom of movement

The MyQ app is a multifunctional tool for managing tasks in the MyQ print environment. Users can print files, securely release jobs, recharge credit, unlock devices, and more from their favorite smart device.


Mobile Authentication

Logging in using the MyQ App achieves the same kind of security as pull print.

The fact that you can log in to any device in the MyQ network by scanning its QR code and entering the password on your smartphone can virtually have the same result as using the pull print function. With pull print, the document you sent from your PC or laptop is held on the server until you authorize its release at the printer with your ID badge, password or PIN. When you log in and upload files with your smartphone, you have at that moment a personal pull print queue and your documents cannot get misplaced.

Needless to say, another (very topical) benefit of mobile authentication is that it is contactless.

Available in MyQ Smart and higher.

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Driverless Printing

Reduce the workload of IT specialists and accommodate guest users.

More ways to print, and all you need is access to an email account or web browser

E-mail print has one dedicated email address for users. Send the print job to the MyQ email box as an attachment and you will automatically receive your PIN code to login and release your documents.

This is ideal for guests of your company, hotel, or public institution who need to print something on the spot. All they will need to do is email the documents they want printed. This will save internal employees a lot of time on tasks that can now be done by the guests themselves.

Apple's "AirPrint" is also readily available, and users of Google Suite (managed Chrome accounts) can leverage standard IPPS printing. Users of non-Chrome enterprise Chormebooks or any users who need out-of-network printing can use web upload and e-mail print as standard MyQ features that are completely for free:

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Explore the MyQ enviroment,
see how it looks
in our online showcase.

Explore the MyQ enviroment,
see how it looks
in our online showcase.