Scanning Made Easy

MyQ's scanning software sends documents to preset folders & cloud destinations with one click.

Capture and manage your physical documents effortlessly.

Scanning Made Easy

Easy Scan

Remove unnecessary steps in the scanning process.

The document workflow is automated by connecting the multifunction printer (MFP) to a personalized scan destination, such as a network folder, cloud storage, or e-mail. The Easy Scan function can be pre-set so that a single click on the icon launches the entire process, up until the document arrives at the desired location. This reduces unnecessary steps – saving time and, in the long run, money.


One-click OCR

Make your documents editable and searchable in one click.

Documents can be converted to searchable PDFs and editable MS Office formats, thanks to the additional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine from ABBYY. The Easy Scan function can store these documents to the organization's DMS in a searchable format – all in one click. This is helpful for users who need to find specific information among thousands of files in their system, using full-text search.

Available in MyQ X Enterprise and MyQ X Ultimate. 


Scan directly to Cloud storage

Make documents available to your team anytime, anywhere.

MyQ lets you scan to popular Cloud services such as, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, GoogleDrive, Amazon Web Services S3 or Dropbox. It makes the availability of scanned documents and collaboration with your colleagues easier than ever before.

Ultimate Connectors 2

Attach Essential Data
to the Scanned File

Make document handling easier in the management system.

Store your scanned document including important data. During the scanning process, you can enter additional information about the document that is being scanned. Typically for an invoice, you can type e.g. the invoice number, due date, grand total, and currency. These indexes will appear along with your document in the internal system.


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Explore the MyQ enviroment,
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in our online showcase.

Explore the MyQ enviroment,
see how it looks
in our online showcase.