MyQ to the Rescue of Overtasked IT Staff

15 hours
saved each month


Bryan County Schools needed a solution that would help reduce waste at the copier and provide secure printing. Their IT staff had to set up and maintain individual job boxes for each staff member. This created a huge administrative burden, because as staffing changed, IT had to make physical changes for each and manually install print drivers. Staff was also required to enter two different PIN numbers during print – once to release their print job, and a second time for accounting.


Installing MyQ did away with all the challenges Bryan County Schools faced and even improved issues which were not originally identified. MyQ’s ability to utilize Active Directory with employee identification numbers reduced the number of time-consuming steps required by the copier. The manual process of entering accounting codes into a separate program is no longer needed, nor is entering PIN twice or typing out email addresses. Each teacher’s email address is now pre-loaded for them under an Easy Scan button.


Thanks to MyQ Solution, operating printers is now far more user-friendly for all staff and retrieving print jobs is faster and entirely secure. The IT department no longer needs to constantly update job boxes or customize individual drivers.


Key Points

  • Eliminated the need to enter PIN multiple times

  • Pre-configured printing and scanning options for users

  • Administrative burden lifted from the IT department – 15 hours saved per month!


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