Full Stack C# Developer - Server

MyQ HQ, Prague - Czech Republic

About MyQ

MyQ creates print and document management solutions that put users’ digitalized workflows within easy reach. MyQ solutions – the flagship MyQ X and innovative MyQ Roger – are multi-vendor by design, mobile friendly, and ready to work regardless of an organization’s network or fleet size. MyQ is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and has a global network of distributors.


What would your job be like?

As a C# developer, you will be working on components of the MyQ X Printing Solution. In particular, the License Server and the Telemetry Server, which are essential components of the system. The License Server is a component that runs in Azure and provides current license information to MyQ X instances. It also collects telemetry information from MyQ X instances and forwards it to the Telemetry Server, which processes the data and allows it to be queried. The Telemetry Server is an on-premises application that uses MongoDB and exposes a REST API for data queries. You will also work on other MyQ X components such as the Desktop Client or Easy Config. These are desktop applications that use WPF or WinUI for the user interface.


What we expect from you

  • Full-stack C# developer with experience writing stable, testable code
  • Analytical person with expertise in code architecture.
  • Willing to learn new things.
  • A team member who can work independently and communicate easily with other team members.

Required skills

  • Working knowledge of the latest C# and .NET 8.
  • Experience with WPF or WinUI user interface frameworks.
  • Experience with MS SQL Server and MongoDB.
  • Experience with multi-threaded programming.
  • Knowledge of networking and networking protocols: TCP, TLS, HTTP, WebSockets.
  • Knowledge of REST API, OAuth.
  • Knowledge of distributed system design.
  • Knowledge of security best practices (OWASP TOP 10).
  • Proficiency with Docker.
  • Familiarity with Git and GibLab-like environments Experience with pipeline configuration
  • English B1/B2 and above. Must be able to discuss work related topics easily.
  • Windows OS Architecture.


What you get from us:

  • Attractive & reliable income every month
  • Contract for an unlimited period (full-time employment or freelance contract)
  • Unlimited paid vacation
  • We respect the need for peace at work, so our development teams have separate and closed quiet offices - no open space office
  • Adjustable tables - if we don't want to sit at work, no problem!
  • A friendly, thriving company whose founders (developers themselves) are still active colleagues
  • High-end laptop and two monitors on your desk 
  • Parking available - drivers and cyclists can safely park here
  • Paid workshops, courses, time to learn – anything you need for growth 
  • Possibility to work from home, although we would like you to visit the office as much as possible during a 3-month trial period

Would you like to join us?

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