Metrostav Builds a Solid Reserve

0% in new savings


Metrostav, a large European construction company, faced rising printer costs, poor document control, and dilapidated equipment. Given the challenging economic environment, Metrostav decided to move to fully upgraded multifunction printers (MFPs) equipped with MyQ Solution.


Metrostav had nearly 1,700 printing devices from various manufacturers, most of them obsolete. Metrostav optimized its set of devices with new MFPs equipped with the MyQ Embedded Terminal, allowing users secure access via PIN, ID, or username and password. Each company location was equipped with a central MyQ print monitoring system, and the new MyQ Service Module was added to automate toner orders and repair reports.


Significant cost savings were achieved by reducing their devices to 440, thanks to the analysis based on the MyQ software. IT dependency was also reduced by implementing the Device Alert Notification function. This alerted IT specialists when a device was low on consumables or if there was a minor issue. It also saved employees time from having to reprint when toner would get too low. Employee efficiency and document security increased from pull printing on any available device after authentication.

“Our business has been hit by the economic crisis and we have been looking for ways to cut costs. We were impressed by the approach of Janus, an authorized partner of KYOCERA Document Solutions. They offered us not only favorable leasing terms, but also KYOCERA multifunction printers equipped with MyQ—a powerful combination that allowed us to reduce output and achieve significant savings.”


Ing. Miroslav Pánek,

Economic Director of Metrostav a.s.

Key Points

  • 20% print volume reduction thanks to automated reporting
  • 66% savings in printer costs (€2.3 mil. in 4 years) 
  • Increased document security & employee efficiency
  • Advanced personalized UI

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