Melted Costs, Not Ice Cream

3 devices instead of 20


Premier IS, a Danish ice cream company, was struggling to get performance from their 20-machine printer fleet, and it failed to keep up with their growing business. The fleet comprised of older, multiple-brand devices which caused IT-related issues and decreased employee efficiency. In order to survive the hectic summer season, they needed to restructure their printer fleet.


Premier IS reduced their fleet to just three Kyocera Taskalfa units equipped with the MyQ-powered Kyocera Net Manager (KNM). Brand unification and reducing the number of devices strengthened overall production. Employees could now use personalized MyQ embedded user interfaces which best suited their needs and job functions.

Secure authentication with pull print reduced the mishandling of documents. Print jobs were now only released after users authenticated themselves. This also cut costs on consumables. The only remaining IT issues were replacing toner and refilling the paper and, thanks to the MyQ’s Device Alert Notification feature, the IT team are informed on time when consumables are getting low.


The new printer fleet increased their document and data security. The fleet is now almost 100% available thanks to a live dashboard feed and automated toner ordering provided by the MyQ-powered KNM. The device reduction also saved on the costs of consumables and helped reduce their environmental impact.

“Together with our partner INU:IT, we selected the MyQ-powered Kyocera solution; it suited our work activity best.”

Rene Poulsen,
Network Administrator, Premier IS

Key points

  • 85% device reduction (from 20 to 3)
  • Optimization – nearly 100% device availability
  • Increased document security