Care with Comfort and Discretion


Found across a multitude of locations across the state of New York, Tri County Care tends to residents with developmental challenges, bringing solace to their lives. The issue lay with their patient records being easily accessible by an extraneous number of employees in the company.  Confidentiality must be safeguarded in their field of work and the care centre was searching for a way to bolster this facet. Their network also suffered from connectivity issues between their branch offices and HQ.


43 new Kyocera devices have been added to their fleet, equipped with MyQ solution. The pull printing feature solidified security through creating an authentication process, making jobs printable only by the specific employees who initiated the printout. Secure print and Scanning were added to the functionality of their devices. Their network was reinforced for the event of a breakdown and fall-back options for were put in place along with MyQ master and site servers.


With the printing of patient records needing specific authorization to be released, patient confidentiality is assured. Overall, the care center is now in greater accordance with the U.S.’s HIPPA health regulations. The MyQ server set-up mitigated branch office issues with printing when the WAN was dysfunctional.

Key points

  • Patient confidentiality augmented
  • Fleet network reinforced against failure events
  • Increase in security

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