Get to know your fellow heroes!

Get to know your fellow heroes!

Lucy – MyQ Guide


Lucy appears exactly when you need her, and explains MyQ's features & functions to anyone who is looking for help, or just to show a couple of neat tips and tricks.

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James – MyQ Hero


James personifies MyQ Solution and is the ultimate problem-solver. In our stories, he's the one that swoops in to save the day.

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Mark – CEO / Sales rep.


Mark is most concerned with his organization's productivity and efficiency, so his favorite MyQ strength is ease-of-use, followed by a close second – which is advanced reporting. Mark enjoys seeing how much time and money MyQ is saving him. And because he travels quite a bit, he finds it extremely practical that he can send and retrieve a print job in two different places, or delegate printing to his assistant altogether.

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Tom – Accountant


Tom is also a fan of MyQ's advanced reports, which land in his e-mail inbox automatically every month. It helps him keep close tabs on print, scan and copy activity, and fine-tune printing policies as part of cost management. A big portion of Tom's agenda involves processing and digitizing invoices, which now takes only a fraction of the time it used to thanks to MyQ's dynamic workflows.

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Mike – IT Admin


In Mike's ideal world, MyQ runs the printer fleet all by itself, without the need of any intervention. Of course, toners and paper still need to be loaded manually, but pretty much everything else is centralized - from installation and printer configuration to status updates, user management and reporting.

How does MyQ make life easier for IT admins?

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Kate – Manager


When asked about MyQ's strong suits, Kate puts personalization above all else. Coming to the printer, logging in with a quick swipe of her badge and single-clicking one of her most used functions – like Scan Contract or Scan ID – has saved her countless minutes, maybe hours. What's even better, she fully trust MyQ as far as data protection goes, and can even apply additional security features like passwords or redaction to documents she scans.

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Sophie – Assistant


Sophie's weapon of choice when it comes to MyQ is Easy Scan. One of the things she does every day is scan incoming paper mail. MyQ sends it to hers and CEO Mark's inbox all in one go, and converts it to searchable PDFs or editable documents.

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Mia – Teacher


Printing used to give Mia headaches. The school campus has multifunction devices in the public hallways, and before MyQ, she had to race to the printer to pick up her lesson plans or tests coming through the direct queue, before they got shuffled into other people's printouts or before someone else could lay their hands on them. Thankfully, that is all different now. Mia uses Pull Print, which gives her time to walk to the printer that is currently free, authenticate herself and even change the numbers of copies before hitting Print, if she needs to.

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Noah – Student


Noah is a digital native in the true sense of the word, and his smarphone is basically an extension of his arm. Imagine his wide grin when he found out even the school printers have an app, which he can use to send his essay to a printer paired wiith his phone thanks to a QR code, and retrieve it safely. Mobile print for the win, y'all.

What can you get from mobile print?


Dr. Daniel – Physician


Dr. Daniel sometimes gets asked by his patients, especially nowadays, what measures the hospital has in place to make sure that their personal data remain protected. The answer is – a database guarded with tight security protocols, MyQ's encryption of inbound and outbound print data, and the pull print function. Plus, employees get to protect everyone's health with MyQ's Contactless print.

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Explore the MyQ enviroment,
see how it looks
in our online showcase.

Explore the MyQ enviroment,
see how it looks
in our online showcase.