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MyQ may decide now or in the future to discontinue the Maintenance, Support or Sales of a given product, module, feature or API. This page informs about how MyQ undertakes to communicate these circumstances to MyQ Partners and Customers.

End of Life Policy

The following factors may be behind discontinuing development and, at length, support:

  • There have been advances in computing, networking, and security which have made maintaining an old application impractical and uneconomical.
  • It is better to allocate development resources to new projects than to older products used by only a handful of customers.
  • Changes in the internal code may require a new version of modules and public APIs.

Any End-of-Life (EOL) announcements will be published below at least 6days in advance for standard versions (180 days for LTS versions).

End of Life Policy

End of Life Process

"End of life" doesn't mean that the application stops working – users can continue using it. EOL simply indicates that MyQ may not dedicate resources to resolving support issues and instead will suggest an upgrade pathway to the Customer.

Existing software is:

  • Maintained for at least 6 months and at least 24-months for LTS* (long term support) versions. ​
  • Supported throughout the entire validity period of Software Assurance​ purchased by the Customer.
  • Provided with an upgrade pathway when End of Software Maintenance is announced.

*LTS (Long-term Support) version is maintained for a longer period of time than the standard version, guarantees the availability of all features and components, including up-to-date security patches, and is recommended for projects that are not expected or cannot be upgraded.

End of Life Process

Software Support during EOL​

MyQ provides Support to MyQ Customers through MyQ Certified Partners. ​

Support for recent versions includes:

  • Operation support – helping questions about running the MyQ Product and performing desired actions.
  • Troubleshooting – tips on how to overcome issues with the MyQ Product.
  • Software Maintenance – releasing bug fixes, hotfixes and patches* for the current software version.

When a product reaches the End of Software Maintenance stage, MyQ can provide only limited support for the product or software version. If a Customer encounters problems, it is mandatory for them to upgrade to the most recent version.

Support for older versions includes (the Customer needs valid SW Assurance):

  • Operation support – helping the Customer with upgrading to the latest supported version.
  • Troubleshooting – tips on how to overcome issues that may arise.

​*We strongly recommend Customers keep their MyQ software updated to the latest available patch.​

Software Support during EOL​

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